Meaning of HOLDER in English


I. ˈhōldə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from holden to hold + -er

1. : one that holds something: as


(1) : possessor , owner — often used in combination

slave holder

job holder

(2) : one who holds any estate in land : a person in constructive possession of land having the right of immediate possession thereto which he can exercise without hindrance : a tenant in his own right or under another in actual possession of land

b. : a person in possession of and legally entitled to receive payment of a bill, note, or check : the payee, endorsee in possession, or the bearer of a bill, note, or check — compare holder in due course

c. : a worker who holds articles during an industrial process

d. : one who has won or been awarded and reaps the benefits of a scholarship or fellowship

e. : one who has won, earned, or been awarded a trophy, title, or degree

the holder of a tennis championship

was holder of several swimming cups

the holder of a college degree in animal husbandry

2. : a device or contrivance by which or a container in which something is held

umbrella holder

a flower holder


a. : either of two loops attached to reins for holding a pulling horse

b. : a thick protective cloth pad for grasping hot utensils

c. : a narrow tubular device often used by smokers for holding a cigarette or cigar while smoking it

d. : a flat lightproof container in which photographic films or plates may be held for use in a camera

e. : a device that resembles a safety pin and is used in knitting for holding stitches temporarily to keep them from dropping

3. : something (as a strap or rail) which one may grasp for support or for steadying oneself

4. : a device by which something (as a door or shutter) is held back or open

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from (assumed) Middle English hold + Middle English -er — more at hold III

: a worker in the hold of a ship

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