Meaning of HOLDING in English


I. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English holdyng, gerund of holden to hold

1. : the act of one that holds or takes hold : hold , grip , clasp

2. : something that is held: as

a. : land held especially by a vassal of a superior : tenement

small holdings of less than 5 acres — Americana Annual

b. : an actual judgment or ruling of a court upon any issue of law raised in a case : the actual final decision of a court on the particular facts of a given case as distinguished from the dictum

difficult to find a recent … enactment that equals in impact and scope this judicial holding — J.P.Roche & M.M.Gordon

c. : any property that is owned or possessed — usually used in plural

record-breaking frozen fish holdings totaled 179 million pounds — Americana Annual

the holdings of American libraries — Current Biography

3. : something that holds : a means of holding : attachment , connection

4. : personal contact especially with the hands or arms that retards or interferes with the movement of an opponent in some sports (as basketball, football, soccer)

5. : a company or enterprise owned or controlled by a holding company

II. adjective

Etymology: Middle English holdyng, present participle of holden to hold

1. : effecting a delay : being a hindrance or interference

a holding action to prevent the passage of more drastic control legislation — E.P.Hutchinson

2. : designed for usually temporary storage or retention

a holding refrigerator at a railhead

a holding pen for the horses

shunted the cars onto the holding track

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