Meaning of IMPLEMENT in English


I. ˈimpləmənt noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Late Latin implementum action of filling up, from Latin implēre to fill up, finish (from in- in- (II) + plēre to fill) + -mentum -ment — more at full


a. : an article (as of apparel or furniture) serving to equip

the implements of religious worship

b. : a tool or utensil forming part of equipment for work

a farm implement

an implement of war

the implements of his trade

useful implements such as axes, chisels, gouges, arrowheads, pestles and mortars, and ornamented pipes — American Guide Series: Rhode Island

the need for an implement to help roll the heavy logs — McGill News

c. : one that serves as an instrument or tool

judges striving to be efficient implements of justice

the most stringent implement that could be employed … would be withdrawal of safe conduct for Swedish ships plying the Atlantic — Newsweek

2. Scots law : fulfillment , performance


implement , tool , instrument , appliance , utensil apply in common to any device usually relatively simple for performing a mechanical or manual operation. implement applies to anything, usually a contrivance, necessary to effect an end or perform a task

spades and other gardener's implements

swords, guns, and implements of war

propaganda as an implement of cold war

the quill pen was an early implement of communication

tool suggests an implement adapted to facilitate a given work, especially the work of a craftsman or artisan

carpenter's tools

a pipe wrench and other plumber's tools

a new research tool, in the form of a bibliography of all the literature on the arctic put out in the last 75 years — Science

reference tools like the dictionary and the encyclopedia — English Language Arts

the breeder uses three basic tools to bring about the genetic improvement of animals … selection, inbreeding, and crossing — Science in Farming

instrument suggests delicate construction or precision work as in dentistry, surgery, or surveying and may extend beyond mechanical or manual operation as in instruments for recording temperatures or rates of speed or musical instruments or in any more or less precise device for achieving any end

the laboratory instruments necessary to careful scientific research

an oscilloscope and other radio-testing instruments

language is the essential instrument for the acquirement and communication of ideas — L.J.Shehan

in a day when novels were considered instruments of Satan — American Guide Series: New York

appliance is used usually for a device which effects work but which is moved by some power other than or in addition to guidance or control by hand

washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and other household appliances

appliance means current-consuming equipment, fixed or portable; for example, heating, cooking, and small motor-operated equipment — National Electric Safety Code

the clutch cleats for the sheet lines, reefing gears, and many other appliances used with the enormous sails — E.J.Schoettle

utensil suggests something useful in accomplishing work, especially domestic work or work similar to it, and usually manageable by hand

pipe, pipe cleaners, and other smoking utensils

a rolling pin, a fork, a frying pan and an oven are the utensils with which she makes her pie — Gilbert Ryle

kitchen utensils

fingers were the only eating utensils — H.A.Chippendale

II. -ˌment, -_mənt — see -ment II transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )


a. : to carry out : accomplish , fulfill

wondering how he might best implement his purpose

continued to clamor for action to implement the promise — New York Times

a committee to implement the plans so well formulated

especially : to give practical effect to and ensure of actual fulfillment by concrete measures

failure to carry out and implement the will of the majority — Clement Attlee

an agency created to implement the recommendation of the committee

programs to implement our foreign policy

b. : to provide instruments or means of practical expression for

survey the problem as a whole and implement the joint interest in an expanding economy — George Soule

2. : supplement

Synonyms: see enforce

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