Meaning of INCOMING in English


I. ˈinˌkəmiŋ, -mēŋ noun

Etymology: Middle English, from in- + coming (after comen in to come in)

1. : the act of coming in : arrival

all these incomings and outgoings disturbed our daily routine

2. : money or other gains received : revenue , income — usually used in plural

II. adjective

Etymology: in (II) + coming (after come in, v.)

: coming in: as

a. : taking or coming to occupy a place, position, or status formerly held by another

his incoming tenant

see what the incoming Congress will do

b. : arriving at a usual, proper, or normal destination

incoming waves

: accruing

incoming orders

c. : starting , beginning , entering

high hopes for the incoming year

all incoming freshmen

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