Meaning of INDUCE in English


ə̇nˈd(y)üs transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English enducen, inducen, from Latin inducere, from in- in- (II) + ducere to lead — more at tow


a. : to move and lead (as by persuasion or influence)

powers of persuasion that would have induced the atheist to religion

: prevail upon : influence , persuade

was unable to induce his customers to try the product

condition which had induced many persons to emigrate from the old country — John Dewey

b. : to inspire, call forth, or bring about by influence or stimulation

the gift had been solicited or induced by the plaintiff — R.N.Wilkin

the menace of induced immigration — H.M.Diamond

2. archaic

a. : to bring in (as a practice, condition, custom) : introduce

b. : adduce


a. : to bring on or bring about : effect , cause

anesthesia induced by drugs

prices that will cover the costs and induce the production — Defense Against Recession

an antivitamin … was shown to induce gross malformation in the young — Americana Annual

believed the Christianity … induced kindliness in men — H.J.Laski


(1) embryology : to cause the formation of

the optic cup induces lens in the adjacent ectoderm

(2) : to produce (as an electric current, an electric charge, or magnetic polarity) by induction

(3) psychology : to arouse by indirect stimulation

induce a contrast color

b. : arouse

music induces in us concepts that are vague — H.A.Overstreet

induced a nostalgia for New England in persons who never saw the place — Mark Van Doren

4. : to conclude or infer from particulars or by induction — contrasted with deduce

5. obsolete : to draw on : overspread


persuade , prevail : induce may indicate overcoming indifference, hesitation, or opposition, usually by offering for consideration persuasive advantages or gains that bring about a desired decision

well-meaning but misguided professors and teachers felt they were fulfilling their vocations by inducing brilliant boys and girls to flee the drudgery of the country and enter the elite professions — Irish Digest

Burt, aided by his father and friends, induced Congress to aid his state in building such a canal — C.W.Mitman

persuade may suggest a winning over by an appeal, entreaty, or expostulation addressed as much to feelings as to reason

persuade management to recognize collective bargaining — Current Biography

deputed by the firm of lawyers to persuade her to resume her married life — Anthony Powell

prevail may be used in situations in which strong opposition or reluctance is overcome by sustained argument and entreaty

a group of citizens of all parties had prevailed on him to enter the race — Current Biography

I will go now and try to prevail on my mother to let me stay with you — G.B.Shaw

prevailed upon the men in the sloop to sail up the river again, to rescue any survivors — Marjory S. Douglas

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