Meaning of J in English


I. ˈjā noun

( plural j's or js ˈjāz)

Usage: often capitalized, often attributive


a. : the 10th letter of the English alphabet

b. : an instance of this letter printed, written, or otherwise represented

c. : a speech counterpart of orthographic j (as j in jump, ajar, German ja, Spanish jefe )


a. : a printer's type, a stamp, or some other instrument for reproducing the letter j

b. : one — see number table

c. : a unit vector parallel to the y-axis

3. : someone or something arbitrarily or conveniently designated j especially as the 10th in order or class

4. : something having the shape of the letter J

II. abbreviation

Usage: often capitalized

1. jack

2. January

3. join

4. joule

5. journal; journalism


[Latin judex ]


7. July

8. June

9. junior


[Latin jus ]


11. justice

12. juvenile

III. symbol

Usage: capitalized

1. Yahwistic or Judean — used in biblical criticism to designate Yahwistic material especially from an ancient epic constituting the earliest and a main source of the Hexateuch

the J passages in the creation story

the J text

— compare d , e , p

2. ital mechanical equivalent of heat

3. ital radiant intensity

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.