Meaning of MARINE in English


I. məˈrēn noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English maryn, from Middle French marine, from Old French, from feminine of marin, adjective, marine, from Latin marinus

1. obsolete

a. : seashore

b. : a seaside promenade


[French, from Old French, seashore]

a. : the mercantile and naval shipping of a country

keep our marine in a condition commensurate to its great ends — Edmund Burke

to whose direction the marine of England was entrusted when the Spanish invaders were approaching — T.B.Macaulay

b. : seagoing ships especially in relation to nationality or class

America had the largest mercantile marine — Richard Cobden


[ marine (II) ]

: one of a class of soldiers serving on shipboard or in close association with a naval force (as in a landing operation) ; specifically : a member of the Marine Corps of the United States or of the Royal Marine forces of Great Britain

tell that to the marines — the sailors won't believe it — Sir Walter Scott

the United States Marines … are trained, equipped, and used as soldiers — L.G.Winans


[French, from Old French, seashore]

: an executive department (as in France) having charge of naval affairs

the French Minister of Marine


[French, from Old French, seashore]

: a marine picture

a famous exhibition of … marines — Atlantic

II. adjective

Etymology: Middle English maryne, from Latin marinus, from mare sea + -inus -ine; akin to Old English mere sea, pool, Old High German meri sea, Old Norse marr, Gothic marei, Old Irish muir, Old Slavic morje



(1) : of or relating to the sea

marine life

marine vegetation

marine wonders

marine and land crabs

marine and continental rocks

sediments … both terrigenous and marine — Journal of Geology

although many of the Mollusca are still marine , there are even more which live in fresh water or upon the land — W.E.Swinton

(2) of climate : having characteristics (as small temperature ranges and high relative humidity) controlled primarily by oceanic winds and air masses

b. : of or relating to the navigation of the sea : nautical

marine navigation

marine chart

marine engineering

c. : of or relating to the commerce of the sea : maritime 1

marine law

marine risks

2. obsolete

a. : bordering on the sea : maritime 2a

b. : belonging to the seashore

3. : of or relating to marines

marine barracks

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