Meaning of MATRIX in English

ˈmā.triks, -rēks sometimes ˈma.- noun

( plural matri·ces ˈmā.trəˌsēz or ˈma.- sometimes ˈma.trəsə̇z ; or matrix·es )

Etymology: Latin, from matr-, mater mother


a. archaic : uterus

b. : the intercellular substance of a tissue (as cartilage)

c. : the thickened epithelium at the base of a fingernail or toenail from which new nail substance develops


a. : something (as a surrounding or pervading substance or element) within which something else originates or takes form or develops

an atmosphere of understanding and friendliness that is the matrix of peace

b. : a place or point of origin or growth : cradle

viewing the East as the matrix of civilization

3. : a mass by which something is enclosed or in which something is embedded: as


(1) : the natural material in which a fossil, metal, gem, crystal, or pebble is embedded

(2) : gangue

(3) : groundmass

b. : an external lightly staining layer presumably composed of deoxyribonucleic acid and basic proteins that is held to surround the chromonemata of a fully differentiated chromosome


a. : a recessed mold from which a relief surface is cast: as

(1) : strike 14

(2) : a brass character used in a typesetting machine ; also : a comparable character used in a photocomposing machine

(3) : a stereotype mold

(4) : an electrotype mold

b. : a hollow in a slab designed to receive a monumental brass

c. : a hob used to form a punch from which a die for striking coins and medals is made

d. : die 6a(1)

e. : an engraved or inscribed die or stamp used in making the impression of a seal (as on wax or clay)

f. : an electroformed impression of a phonograph record that is used for mass-producing duplicates of the original recording — see master matrix


a. : a foundation for inlaid or overlaid damascened work or for similar work

b. : the principal constituent of an alloy


(1) : a strip or band placed so as to serve as a retaining outer wall of a tooth in filling a cavity

(2) : a metal or porcelain pattern in which an inlay is cast or fused

6. : a material used to bind together the materials in an agglomerated mass (as a cement used in briquetting coal dust or in making concrete)

7. : a gem stone cut from some stone (as opal or turquoise) and the surrounding natural material

8. : the substrate on or within which a fungus grows

9. : one of a class of rectangular arrays of mathematical elements (as the coefficients of simultaneous linear equations) that are subject to special algebraic laws

a matrix combines with numbers or other matrices

10. in color photography : a positive photographic image that accepts dye differentially according to density and transfers the dye to make a final color print


a. : a propositional function in logic

b. : truth table

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