Meaning of MIL in English


I. ˈmil noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin mille thousand — more at mile

1. : a unit of length equal to 1/1000 inch or 0.0254 millimeter used especially for the diameter of wire

2. : a unit of angular measurement used in artillery and equal to 1/6400 of the circumference of a circle or approximately the angle subtended by one yard at 1000 yards range

3. : a monetary unit formerly used in Palestine equal to 1/1000 pound ; also : a bronze coin representing this unit

II. abbreviation

1. mileage

2. military

3. militia

4. millieme

5. million

III. noun

: thousand

found a salinity of 38.4 per mil

IV. noun

or mill ˈmil

( plural mil or mill )

Etymology: short for million (I)

slang : a million dollars

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