Meaning of MIL in English


mil 1

/mil/ , n.

1. a unit of length equal to 0.001 of an inch (0.0254 mm), used in measuring the diameter of wires.

2. a military unit of angular measurement equal to the angle subtended by 1 / 6400 of a circumference.

3. (less accurately) the angle subtended by an arc equal to 1 / 1000 of the radius or distance.

4. (used formerly in pharmaceutical prescriptions) a milliliter.

5. a former bronze coin of the mandate of Palestine, the 1000th part of a pound.

[ 1715-25; short for L millesimus thousandth, equiv. to mill ( e ) thousand (see MILE) + -esimus ordinal suffix ]

mil 2

/mil/ , n.

Slang. a million.

[ by shortening ]

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