Meaning of MILE in English

ˈmīl, esp before pause or consonant -īəl noun

( plural miles also mile )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English mīl; akin to Old High German mīla, mīlla mile; both from a prehistoric West Germanic word borrowed from Latin milia miles (from milia passuum, literally, thousands of paces), plural of mille mile, from mille passus, literally, thousand paces, from mille thousand + passus, plural of passus step, pace; Latin mille thousand perhaps from a prehistoric compound whose first constituent is represented by Greek hen-, heis one and whose second constituent is akin to Greek chilioi thousand, Sanskrit sa hasra — more at same

1. : any of various units of distance derived from an ancient Roman unit equal to 1620 English yards or 1482 meters: as

a. : a unit equal to 5280 ft.

a distance of six miles

a mile race

— called also statute mile ; see measure table

b. : nautical mile

2. : a race of a mile

has achieved a four minute mile

3. : a relatively great distance or interval

missed the target by a mile

thoughts miles away

his guilt stuck out a mile

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