Meaning of MINIMUM in English


I. ˈminəməm noun

( plural mini·ma -nəmə ; also minimums )

Etymology: Latin, neuter of minimus smallest, least, superl. from the root of Latin minor smaller — more at minor

1. archaic : a portion (as of matter) so small as to be incapable of further division

2. : the least quantity assignable, admissible, or possible in a given case — opposed to maximum

economic stabilization with a minimum of government regulation — Gerhard Colm

designed for a maximum of comfort and minimum of clutter — Technical Education News

the cost per page is reduced to a minimum — Scientific Monthly

rigid legal minima for bank reserves — E.W.Kemmerer


a. : a number not greater than any other number of a finite set of numbers

b. : a value of a mathematical function of one or more independent variables such that either increasing or decreasing any one of the independent variables by a sufficiently small amount results in an increase in the function

4. : the lowest degree or amount of variation (as of temperature) reached or recorded


a. : the time of least brightness or the magnitude at this time in a variable star

b. : the time when sunspots are least numerous in the 11-year cycle

6. : minim 5

II. adjective

: of, relating to, or constituting a minimum : least attainable or possible

the book contains a minimum discussion of the dynamics of British politics — R.R.Hackford

having achieved the highest minimum wage — H.R.Northrup

types of taxation … administered with minimum possibility of revenue loss — Matthew Woll

III. noun

: the lowest speed allowed on a highway

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