Meaning of MINUS in English

I. ˈmīnəs preposition

Etymology: Middle English mynus, from Latin minus, neuter of minor smaller, less — more at minor

1. : diminished by : with the subtraction or deduction of : less

seven minus four equals three

list price minus the discount

his ideas added up to Communism minus violence — Hallam Tennyson

— compare plus

2. : deprived of : having lost : wanting : without

came out of the army minus a hand — Drew Middleton

she met him, minus the book, but carrying a … balloon — Phil Stong

II. noun

( -es )

1. : minus sign

rendered quantitative by the use of pluses, minuses, and marks denoting extreme degrees of the behavior in question — F.H.Allport

2. : a negative quantity

an overdose of philosophical … conclusions and a minus of historical or other data — J.B.Mason

3. : something (as a deficiency or defect) held to resemble a negative quantity

over against these advantages outside critics set a great minus — New Republic

III. adjective


a. : requiring subtraction

the minus sign

b. : algebraically negative

a minus quantity

2. : having negative qualities or characteristics

a boy … might live in a minus neighborhood but not be a delinquent — Edwin Powers & Helen Witmer

plus or minus reactions to women … or men with beards — Jerome Frank


a. : reacting sexually to a morphologically indistinguished but physiologically separable plus form — used of lower fungi in which maleness and femaleness are indeterminable as such; compare heterothallic , mating type

b. : of, relating to, or exhibiting such a sexual character

4. : of lesser quality than — used postpositively

hesitated to give it a grade so high as C minus — American Literature

5. : smaller than a specified size

stocks of minus 2-inch stone — Pit & Quarry

all powders were minus 200 mesh — American Journal of Veterinary Research

6. : absorbing principally light of its own hue — used of subtractive color primaries

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