Meaning of MIXER in English


ˈmiksə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: mix (I) + -er

1. : one that mixes:


(1) : one whose work is weighing or measuring and mixing the ingredients of a product (as paint, a drug, bread, pottery, cement, glass, fertilizer)

(2) : one who balances and controls the dialogue, music, and sound effects to be recorded for or with a motion picture or television

b. : a container, device, or machine for mixing: as

(1) : a valve or burner in which fuel is mixed with air for combustion

(2) : a storage tank from which molten pig iron drawn from blast furnaces can be transferred to an open-hearth or electric furnace or a converter

(3) : any of various types of stationary or portable equipment (as an agitator, emulsifier, homogenizer, or pug mill) used for mixing gases, liquids, or solids in industry or in the laboratory

(4) : an electrical circuit in a sound-recording or broadcasting system for combining the signals from several sources (as microphones, turntables, or wire lines) in any desired proportion

(5) : mixing faucet

(6) : mixing valve

(7) : a stationary or portable kitchen utensil equipped with one or more beaters for mixing, beating, creaming, or whipping a variety of foods (as batters, cream, whites of eggs, boiled potatoes)

electric mixer

(8) : a revolving drum with paddles attached for mixing concrete and mortar or a hopper with revolving paddles for mixing asphaltic concretes

(9) : a composing or photocomposing machine in which matrices from more than one magazine can be automatically keyboarded into a single line

c. : a game, stunt, or dance used at a get-together to give members of the group an opportunity to meet one another in a friendly, informal atmosphere — called also icebreaker

2. : one that mixes with others or in combinations: as


(1) : a person considered as to his casual sociability

was shy and a poor mixer

(2) : a person marked by easy sociability

the genial extroversion of the salesman, the … good mixer — Aldous Huxley

b. : a nonalcoholic beverage (as ginger ale) used to thin a mixed drink

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