Meaning of NEIGHBORHOOD in English


-(r)ˌhu̇d noun

Etymology: Middle English neighborhode, from neighbor (I) + -hode, -hood

1. : friendly association with another that is a neighbor : the agreeable easy relationship usual among congenial neighbors

if there are remoter nations that wish us not good but ill, they know that we are strong; they know that we can and will defend our neighborhood — F.D.Roosevelt

2. : the quality or state of being immediately adjacent or relatively near to something : proximity

the neighborhood of the earth to the sun

refugees from the country, driven by fear or the neighborhood of armies — F.L.Paxson


a. : the approximate area or point of the location or position of something

traveled to a region somewhere in the neighborhood of that city

b. : the approximate amount or extent or degree — usually used with in and a qualifying phrase

has in the neighborhood of $10,000,000

a highway in the neighborhood of 100 miles long


a. : a number of people forming a loosely cohesive community within a larger unit (as a city, town) and living close or fairly close together in more or less familiar association with each other within a relatively small section or district of usually somewhat indefinite boundaries and usually having some common or fairly common identifying feature (as approximate equality of economic condition, similar social status, similar national origins or religion, similar interests) and usually some degree of self-sufficiency as a group (as through local schools, churches, libraries, business establishments, cultural and recreational facilities)

thought the whole neighborhood would hear about it

b. : the particular section or district that is lived in by these people and that is marked by individual features (as type of homes and public establishments) that together establish a distinctive appearance and atmosphere

now lives in a beautiful neighborhood

c. : an area or region of usually vague limits that is usually marked by some fairly distinctive feature of the inhabitants or terrain

would never want to live in that neighborhood of the country

5. : the assemblage of all points whose distances from a given point are not greater than a given positive number

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