Meaning of NORMATIVE in English


ˈnȯ(r)məd.]iv, -ət] adjective

Etymology: French normatif, from norme norm (from Latin norma carpenter's square, pattern, rule) + -atif -ative — more at normal

1. : of, relating to, or dealing with norms, their nature, or mode of discovery and existence

normative discipline

2. : explicating, inferring, or discovering a norm

a normative judgment

normative statements

3. : creating, prescribing, or imposing a norm

a normative law


a. : regulative , heuristic

guiding normative principles

b. : prescriptive , didactic

governing, normative rules

normative grammar

5. : relating to norms of mineral composition

• nor·ma·tive·ly ]ə̇vlē, -li adverb

• nor·ma·tive·ness ]ivnə̇s noun -es

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