Meaning of OCCURRENCE in English

əˈkər.ən(t)s also əˈkə̄rə- noun

( -s )

Etymology: probably from occurrent (I) , after such pairs as English abstinent : abstinence

1. : something that takes place ; especially : something that happens unexpectedly and without design : happening

a happy occurrence

a disastrous occurrence

an unusual occurrence


a. : the action or process of happening or taking place

the occurrence of a genuine dispute — R.M.Dawson

b. : the action or process of being met with or coming into view : appearance

the occurrence of mammal remains falls sharply throughout the summer — Ecology

a fish of regular occurrence along the southern coast of California

: the fact of being met with or of taking place

3. : the presence of a natural form or material at a particular place ; also : the mineral, rock, or deposit thus occurring

evidence of oil occurrence

the occurrence of shallow coal beds in this region

4. : the occurring of Christian festivals


incident , episode , event , circumstance : occurrence is a general term for taking place or happening and lacks much connotational range; it may suggest a happening without plan, intent, or volition

occurrences which we not only do not, but cannot perceive — Bertrand Russell

incident may suggest either a trivial happening unworthy of attention or a more consequential or unusual happening having some effect

his unexpected appearances and disappearances were incidents in the house — Willa Cather

the faculty for myth … seizes with avidity upon any incidents, surprising or mysterious — W.S.Maugham

episode stresses the notion that the occurrence in question has an apartness or unity by itself, with no implication about the significance, or lack of it, of the occurrence

the dumb creation lives a life made up of discrete and mutually irrelevant episodes — Aldous Huxley

event is more likely than others in this set to suggest a happening or occurrence of moment or significance or a happening logically ensuing from or giving rise to another happening

assassination was an event of daily occurrence — T.B.Macaulay

it is, in fact, almost a routine incident in a distinguished career. In the case of Mark Twain it became a historic event — Van Wyck Brooks

events acting upon us in unexpected, abrupt, and violent ways — John Dewey

circumstance in the general sense here involved indicates specific or detailed incident

stood reflecting on the circumstances of the preceding hours — Thomas Hardy

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