Meaning of PENETRATION in English


ˌpenə.ˈtrāshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin penetration-, penetratio, from penetratus (past participle of penetrare ) + -ion-, -io -ion

1. : the act or process of penetrating

Indian groups … angered by the constant penetrations of whites into their new territories — P.W.Gates

the penetration of the theater by scholarship and taste — R.W.Speaight


a. : the act (as of a foreign diplomatic or commerical body) of entering a country so continued or repeated that actual establishment of influence is accomplished

b. : an attack that drives a wedge into or through the enemy's front

when the situation does not favor an envelopment, the main attack is directed toward a penetration — C.E.Welsh

c. : flight in air warfare over enemy territory and through enemy air defenses to attack ground targets

a shallow penetration mission

penetration tactics

a penetration fighter


a. : the depth to which something penetrates ; specifically : the depth to which a projectile sinks into any substance at which it is fired

b. : the power or ability to penetrate or its manifestation : penetrativeness

used a lighter oil for its superior penetration

the human eye aided by telescopes and microscopes of ever greater penetration

specifically : the ability to discern acutely the inner nature or meaning of something or the resulting perceptive quality of expression (as in a written work)

a writer who analyzes the underlying causes with great penetration

good little novels, full of Gallic irony and penetration — Time

c. : depth of field (as of a microscope)

d. : the extent to which a commercial product or agency is familiar or sells in a market

the manufacturer's view of the dealer's performance is based on penetration of the market — Hartley Howe

3. : the intersection of a minor architectural form and a major one

the penetration of a minor vault with a main vault

4. : the penetrability of a bituminous material expressed as the distance that a standard needle vertically penetrates a sample of the material under known conditions of loading, time, and temperature

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