Meaning of PENETRATION in English


/pen'i tray"sheuhn/ , n.

1. the act or power of penetrating.

2. mental acuteness, discernment, or insight: a scholar of rare penetration.

3. the obtaining of a share of a market for some commodity or service.

4. the extension, usually peaceful, of the influence of one nation or culture into the affairs of another.

5. a military attack that penetrates into enemy territory.

6. Gunnery. the depth to which a projectile goes into the target.

7. the measure of relative depth of field of a telescope or microscope, esp. a binocular microscope.

[ 1595-1605; penetration- (s. of penetratio ). See PENETRATE, -ION ]

Syn. 2. understanding, perception, discrimination, depth, profundity.

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