Meaning of PIER in English


ˈpi(ə)r, -iə noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English pere, per, from Old English per, from Medieval Latin pera

1. : an intermediate support for the adjacent ends of two bridge spans — distinguished from abutment


a. : a breakwater, groin, or mole extending into navigable water for use as a landing place or promenade or to protect or form a harbor

b. : a structure built out into the water on piles for use as a landing place or pleasure resort

c. obsolete : haven

3. : a vertical structural support: as

a. : the wall between two windows, doors, or other openings

b. : pillar , pilaster ; especially : one that carries a major load (as at a church crossing)

c. : a pillar, post, or other vertical member that supports the end of an arch or lintel : doorpost , gatepost , buttress

d. : an auxiliary mass of masonry used to stiffen a wall

e. : a vertical layer of ashlars in a rubble wall

4. : a structural mount (as of a large telescope) usually of stonework, concrete, or steel

Synonyms: see wharf

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