Meaning of PLURAL in English


I. ˈplu̇rəl, ˈplür- adjective

Etymology: Middle English plurel, plural, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French plurel, from Latin pluralis, from plur-, plus more + -alis -al

1. : belonging to a class of grammatical forms used to denote more than one

plural noun

plural pronoun

plural endings

used to agree with syntactically related forms denoting more than one

plural verb

plural adjective

and used in languages (as ancient Greek) having a dual form to denote more than two — opposed to singular

2. : relating to or consisting of or containing more than one

plural citizenship

plural winner

or more than one kind or class

plural population

plural society

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English plurel, from plurel, plural, adjective

: the plural number or an inflectional form denoting it or a word in that form

how such words form their plurals

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