Meaning of PLUS in English

I. ˈpləs preposition

Etymology: Latin plur-, plus more; akin to Greek pleiōn, pleōn more, Latin plenus full — more at full

1. : increased by : with the addition or increment of : with an addition

four plus five or mathematically expressed 4 + 5

the debt plus interest

— compare minus

2. : possessed of : having gained : with

came home poorer and plus a wife and three children

II. noun

( plural plus·es also plus·ses -sə̇z)

1. : plus sign

2. : an added quantity : something additional or extra

3. : a positive quantity : gain , advantage

the quiet operation of the system was an unexpected plus

4. : surplus

III. adjective


a. : requiring addition

the plus sign

b. : algebraically positive

a plus quantity


a. : having or receiving as an addition or gain — used predicatively

he was plus a useful nag on the deal

b. : having or being in addition to what is anticipated

other plus values were the excellent schools and good neighbors


a. : falling high in the range (as of quality or size) specified — usually used postpositively

a grade of C plus in French

a sheet of 12 plus copper

b. : greater than that specified especially in size

a 100 plus mesh

a conglomerate of plus one inch gravel

c. : possessing a specified quality to an exceptional or unanticipated degree

a new higher waistline that is style plus

his smile had charm plus

4. : positively electrified : electrically positive


a. : reacting sexually to a morphologically indistinguishable but physiologically separable minus form — used of lower fungi in which maleness and femaleness are indeterminable as such; compare heterothallic

b. : of, relating to, or exhibiting such a sexual character

IV. transitive verb

( plussed -st ; plussed “ ; plus·sing -siŋ ; plus·es also plusses -sə̇z)

: to add something to : increase

hoping to plus his sale

V. preposition

: besides — not often in formal use

plus all this, as a sedative it has no equal — Groucho Marx

VI. conjunction

1. : and — not often in formal use

if you want to make a super investment, plus you don't happen to be rich — advt

2. : in addition to which — used chiefly in speech and informal writing

it was an achievement. Plus I wrote the story and the musical score — Jackie Gleason

are also fog-proof and impact resistant, plus they are backed by a lifetime warranty — Boating

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.