Meaning of PLUS in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ plʌs ]

prep., adj., n., & conj. --prep. 1 Math. with the addition of (3 plus 4 equals 7). °Symbol: +. 2 (of temperature) above zero (plus 2Û C). 3 colloq. with; having gained; newly possessing (returned plus a new car). --adj. 1 (after a number) at least (fifteen plus). 2 (after a grade etc.) rather better than (beta plus). 3 Math. positive. 4 having a positive electrical charge. 5 (attrib.) additional, extra (plus business). --n. 1 = plus sign. 2 Math. an additional or positive quantity. 3 an advantage (experience is a definite plus). --conj. colloq. disp. also; and furthermore (they arrived late, plus they were hungry). øplus sign the symbol +, indicating addition or a positive value. [L, = more]

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