Meaning of POLYHEDRON in English


| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷|hē]drən sometimes ]ˌdrän or chiefly Brit -he] noun

( plural polyhe·dra ]_drə ; or polyhedrons )

Etymology: New Latin, from Greek polyedron, neuter of polyedros with many seats (i.e., sides), from poly- + hedra seat, side — more at sit

1. : a figure or solid formed by plane faces

2. also polyhedral body

a. : one of the angular bodies often with hornlike appendages into which the zoospores of the water net and related algae develop and within which the vegetative coenobium develops

b. : one of the refractile many-sided bodies that are present in the terminal phases of an insect polyhedrosis and are regarded as products of tissue breakdown rather than as the infective agent of the disease

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