Meaning of PRODUCER in English


I. prəˈd(y)üsə(r), prōˈ- noun

( -s )

1. : one that produces, brings forth, or generates

the state is rated as the largest producer of northern partridge — American Guide Series: Michigan

2. : one that grows agricultural products or manufactures crude materials into articles of use — compare consumer

3. : a furnace or apparatus that produces combustible gas to be used for fuel and is usually of the updraft type which forces or draws air or a mixture of air and steam through a layer of incandescent fuel (as coke) with the resulting gas consisting chiefly of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and nitrogen — compare generator 2b


a. : one who assumes responsibility for the public presentation of a theatrical entertainment (as an opera, motion picture, or play for stage or television) as an artistic and usually also as a financial venture — compare director 1c

b. Britain : director 1c

5. : a well that produces

the producer is one mile east of the … oil pool — Ochiltree County (Texas) Herald

II. noun

: an organism viewed as a source of biomass that can be consumed by other organisms — compare consumer herein

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