Meaning of PROJECTIVE in English


prəˈjektiv, prōˈ-, -tēv adjective

Etymology: project (II) + -ive

1. : relating to or produced by projection: as

a. : of or relating to such properties of curves or surfaces as are unaltered by projection

b. : not metrical : not involving size and measurement but only relative position, incidences, and coincidences

c. : transformable into one another by repeated projections and sections

2. : jutting out : projecting


a. : externalizing especially images or ideas

a victim of his own projective imagination

b. : revealing a subjective opinion

projective adjectives of approval and disapproval — N.C.Stageberg

4. : of or relating to a technique, test, or device designed to analyze the psychodynamic constitution of an individual by presenting to him unstructured or ambiguous material (as inkblots, pictures, and sentence elements) that will elicit interpretive responses revealing his personality structure — compare rorschach test

5. : relating to a social mechanism through which personality traits are given expression

evidence of projective material in folklore and legends

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