Meaning of Q in English

I. ˈkyü noun

( plural q's or qs )

Usage: often capitalized, often attributive


a. : the 17th letter of the English alphabet

b. : an instance of this letter printed, written, or otherwise represented

c. : a speech counterpart of orthographic q (as q in quick, Iraq )

2. : a printer's type, a stamp, or some other instrument for reproducing the letter q

3. : someone or something arbitrarily or conveniently designated q especially as the 16th or when j is used for the 10th the 17th in order or class

4. : something having the shape of the letter Q

II. noun

( plural q's )

Usage: usually capitalized

Etymology: from initial letter of quality factor

: the ratio of the reactance to the resistance of an oscillatory circuit

one of the primary factors in determining the degree of selectivity of a tuned circuit is the q — J.F.Rider & S.D.Uslan

III. abbreviation

Usage: often capitalized


[Latin quadrans ]



[Latin quaere ]


3. quantity

4. quart

5. quarter; quarterly

6. quartermaster

7. quarto

8. quasi

9. queen

10. query

11. question

12. quetzal

13. quick

14. quintal

15. quire

IV. symbol

Usage: capitalized


[from initial letter of quality factor ]

quality factor


[from initial letter of German quelle source]

second source — used in biblical criticism to designate material belonging to a hypothetical written source used in addition to Mark and perhaps other sources in writing the Gospels of Matthew and Luke

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