Meaning of RADIUS in English


I. ˈrādēəs noun

( plural ra·dii -ēˌī ; also radiuses )

Etymology: Latin, radius, ray, rod, spoke — more at ray


a. : the preaxial bone of the human forearm or of the corresponding part of the forelimb of vertebrates above fishes that in man is movably articulated with the ulna at both ends so as to admit of partial rotation about that bone, that bears on its inner anterior aspect near the head a prominence for the insertion of the biceps tendon, and that has the lower end broadened for articulation with the proximal bones of the carpus so that rotation of the radius involves also that of the hand — compare pronation , supination

b. : hypercoracoid

c. : hypocoracoid

2. : a line segment extending from the center of a circle or sphere to the curve or surface

3. : one of a number of rods, bars, or lines extending usually in a single plane out from a center or hub

radii of a wheel


a. : the distance of a radius

a radius of 10 miles from home

truck with a short turning radius

b. : the circular area implicated by a stated radius

40 inland lakes within a radius of 20 miles — American Guide Series: Michigan

c. : a bounded or circumscribed area : a limited range

at the limit of the operating radius of any fleet from Europe — S.L.A.Marshall

d. : a range of operation, activity, influence, concern, or knowledge

a modern hospital that serves a wide radius — American Guide Series: Vermont

the radius of action of an airplane

all who had come within the radius of his kind if somewhat stern influence — F.S.Betten

5. : a part analogous to the radius of a circle : a radial part (as the movable limb of a sextant or other angle-measuring instrument or a wheel spoke)

6. : the distance from a center line or point to an axis of rotation : throw , eccentricity


a. : an imaginary radial plane dividing the body of a radially symmetrical animal into similar parts — compare adradius , interradius , perradius

b. : any of five radiating ossicles in the Aristotle's lantern of a sea urchin

c. : a main vein in the wing of an insect : the third and usually largest vein of an insect's wing — see radial sector

d. : one of the grooves extending from the focus of a fish scale toward the margin

8. : a rounded part (as an edge or fillet) produced by radiusing

put a 1/64 inch radius on the cutting tip of this lathe tool

Synonyms: see range

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

: to cut (as a fillet or rounded-off edge) on an arc of a circle

faceted and radiused tool edges — Paul Grodzinski

chamfering or radiusing of the bearings — Aero Products

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