Meaning of RED in English


I. ˈred adjective

( redder ; reddest )

Etymology: Middle English read, reed, red, from Old English rēad; akin to Old English rēod red, Old High German rōt, Old Norse rauthr & rjōthr, Gothic rauths, Latin ruber & rufus, Greek erythros red, Sanskrit rohita red, reddish, rudhira red, bloody


a. : of the color red

red rose

as red as a ruby

b. : lit by or as if by fire

no matter how scarlet the sunset, those red hills never became vermilion — Willa Cather



(1) : dyed with red

the red hat of a cardinal

(2) : producing a red color

logwood used for red dyes

b. : having red as a distinguishing color

captain of the red team



(1) : flushed especially with anger or embarrassment

plain from his red face that the insult had struck home

turned uncomfortably red when called upon to speak

(2) : ruddy , florid

the large red health that uncivilized women admire — Walter Bagehot

(3) : of a coppery hue

red skin of the American Indian

b. of the eyes

(1) : naturally red

(2) : reddened by inflammation : bloodshot

eyes red from weeping

c. of hair or the coat of an animal : being somewhere in the color range between carrot red and russet or bay

a flaming thatch of red hair

red setter

red roan

d. : tinged with red : reddish

flat sandy country … the red heart of Australia — Myrtle R. White


a. : stained or covered with blood

waving our red weapons o'er our heads — Shakespeare

b. : full of or colored with blood

good red beef

5. : heated to redness : glowing

red slag from a blast furnace

red lava flowing from a volcano


a. : characterized by wrath or violence : choleric , bloody

convulsed with red rage — Hudson Strode

the red rules of tooth and claw — P.B.Sears

b. : of an extreme or profligate nature : flagrant , wanton

the red waste of his youth — Thomas Wolfe

is she really so … red as she is painted — W.J.Locke


[from the flag used by revolutionaries]

a. : inciting or endorsing sweeping social or political reform especially by the use of force : revolutionary , radical — compare white 8

b. often capitalized : communist

fighting red guerrillas in the Malayan forests — J.M.Flagler

c. often capitalized : of or relating to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or its allies or satellites : lying within or emanating from the Soviet orbit

each Red worker must be politically educated … in Marxist-Leninist terms — O.O.Trullinger

building up the German red army — R.E.M.Morris

Kremlin is pouring a torrent of red books and newspapers into India — F.C.Laubach


[so called from the bookkeeping practice of entering debit items in red ink]

: failing to show a profit

haven't had a red month in the past year — R.J.Schrick

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English read, reed, red, from read, reed, red, adjective


a. : a color whose hue resembles that of blood or of the ruby or is that of the long-wave extreme of the visible spectrum

b. : the one of the four psychologically primary hues that is evoked in the normal observer under normal conditions by radiant energy from the long-wave extreme of the visible spectrum combined with a very small amount of radiant energy from the shortwave extreme

c. : one of the six psychologically primary object colors


a. : red clothing or cloth

lady in red

b. : one that uses red as a distinguishing color ; specifically : a member of an athletic team having red insignia

Cincinnati Reds


a. : one that is of a red or reddish color: as

(1) : red wine

killed another bottle of California red — A.R.Foff

(2) : red cent

not another cent to waste, not another … red — P.E.Green

(3) : the red ball in billiards

(4) : an animal with a reddish coat

pressed his pony, a small, nervous red — W.V.T.Clark

b. : an American Indian : redskin

risking himself on a wearied horse in a country alive with reds — S.H.Adams


a. : a pigment or dye that colors red

red can be made from the cochineal insect — Helen Coates

specifically : rouge

plenty of powder, and a little red too — Willa Cather

b. : a shade or tint of red

the reds in the petrified woods of Arizona — Buick Magazine

c. : an incandescent glow

the red of his cigar like a small, fiery flower between his fingers — Josephine Johnson

d. reds plural : insoluble red substances yielded by vegetable tanning materials (as phlobaphenes) and deposited on the surface of the leather


a. : one who advocates or is thought to advocate or endorse the violent overthrow of an existing social or political order : subversive , revolutionary

leftists called themselves liberals, and their opponents called them reds — Upton Sinclair

rank-and-file German Social Democrats, whom they classify as reds — Atlantic

— compare 10 pink 3, red republican

b. usually capitalized : communist

in Kremlin protocol he now takes precedence … over all European satellite Reds — E.P.Snow

Reds reject … all hope of real reforms without a revolution — Jacob Spolansky

c. : communism , radicalism

lesser forms of internationalism … have a distinctly lighter tinge of red — New Freeman


a. : the red circle of an archery target that is next to the gold

b. : a shot that hits such a circle


[so called from the bookkeeping practice of entering debit items in red ink]

: the condition of showing a loss — usually used with the

a moneymaking scheme for getting the organization out of the red

— opposed to black

8. : red alert

III. verb

( redded ; redded ; redding ; reds )

Etymology: Middle English readen, from read, reed, red, adjective

chiefly dialect : redden

IV. abbreviation

1. redactor

2. reduce; reduced; reducer; reducing

3. reduction

V. noun

reds plural also red devils slang : red drug capsules containing the sodium salt of secobarbital

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