Meaning of RHIZOID in English

I. ˈrīˌzȯid adjective

Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary rhiz- + -oid

: resembling a root

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: rhiz- + -oid

: a rootlike structure: as

a. : one of the slender unicellular or multicellular filaments that attach the gametophyte of a fern, moss, or liverwort to the substrate and that function as absorptive organs

b. : a similar process in a thallophyte that often forms a specially differentiated basal holdfast — called also rhizina

c. : any of various processes of animals (as those by which a rhizocephalan attaches to its host)

• rhi·zoi·dal (ˈ)rī|zȯid ə l adjective

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