Meaning of RIBBON in English


I. ˈribən also -b ə m noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English riban, from Middle French riban, ruban, probably from a Germanic compound whose first element is akin to Old English hring ring and whose second element is akin to Middle English band


a. : a flat or tubular narrow fabric (as of silk, rayon, nylon, or cotton) closely woven in various constructions (as in velvet, satin, taffeta, or grosgrain) and used for trimmings, decorations, or knitting

b. : a narrow fabric (as of paper or textile fibers pasted on tape) used chiefly for tying packages

c. : a piece of usually multicolored ribbon that serves as a decoration (as for military service) or that is worn in place of a medal represented by its colors

campaign ribbon

service ribbon

d. : a strip of imprinted red, blue, white, or yellow satin often attached to a button or badge and given in recognition of winning one of the first three or four places in competition (as at a horse show, livestock show)

2. : a long narrow strip resembling or suggestive of a ribbon: as

a. : a single bendlet that surmounts the other heraldic bearings and is borne as a difference mark

b. : a board framed into the studs to support the ceiling or floor joists

c. : a straight or crumpled varicolored stripe across slate that shows the location of the original bedding


(1) : radula

(2) : an egg case (as of a mollusk) when produced in a long string


(1) : a strip of inked fabric (as in a typewriter) on which the type faces strike and which prints the type characters on a sheet below

(2) : a continuous roll of paper that regulates casting in the monotype


(1) : the form in which molten glass is taken from the furnace in the manufacture of some types of glass

(2) : a pressed and flattened sliver ready for spinning

g. : a bookmark consisting of a length of material often attached by one end to the top headband of the book

3. ribbons plural : reins

4. : fragment , piece , shred — usually plural

torn to ribbons

5. : ribband

II. transitive verb

( ribboned -bənd, -b ə md ; ribboned “ ; ribboning -bəniŋ ; ribbons -bənz, -b ə mz)


a. : to adorn or mark out with or as if with a ribbon

gaily ribboned schoolgirls

b. : to divide into ribbons

ribbon material for bandages

2. : to rip to shreds

a flag ribboned by the wind

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