Meaning of ROSETTE in English


I. (ˈ)rō|zet, usu -ed.+V noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, literally, small rose, from Old French rosete, rosette, from rose (from Latin rosa ) + -ete, -ette -ette — more at rose

1. : a thin disk (as of copper) formed by chilling the surface of molten metal with water

2. : an ornament resembling a rose usually made of gathered or pleated material and worn as a badge of office, as evidence of having one of several decorations (as the Medal of Honor), or as trimming (as on a hat, shoe, or dress)

3. : an ornamental disk consisting of leafage or a floral design usually in relief used as a decorative motif — compare roundel

4. : a structure or color marking on an animal suggestive of a rosette: as

a. : the group of five petal-shaped ambulacra on a spatangid or clypeastroid sea urchin

b. : one of the clusters of dark spots on the pelt of a leopard

5. : a cluster of leaves developed in crowded circles or spirals from a crown either basally (as in a dandelion) or at the apex (as in many tropical palms)

6. also rosette disease


(1) : any of several plant diseases that are characterized by the grouping of the leaves in dense clusters and result from various causes (as the attack of fungi, virus infections, or nutritional disturbances)

(2) : a symptom of rosette

b. : rhizoctonia disease

c. : a virus disease of the peanut characterized by yellowing of the leaves and extreme stunting

7. : any of various fixtures: as

a. : rose 2(g)1

b. : an ornamental ring surrounding a cylinder lock

c. : an ornamental head for a screw used for fastening mirrors

d. : a ceiling device having terminals for connecting to an electric line and other terminals to which a drop cord may be attached

8. : a small piece of boneless veal encircled by a bacon strip and skewered to be held flat for braising or frying


a. : an iron used with the handle of a timbale iron

b. : a pastry shell fried with a rosette

[s]rosette.jpg[/s] [

rosette 3


II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

1. : to obtain in the form of rosettes by superficial chilling

2. : to cause (the leaves of a plant) to form in dense clusters

3. : to affect (a plant) with rosette

III. noun

1. : a rose-shaped cluster of cells

2. : a food decoration or garnish in the shape of a rose

icing rosettes

carrot rosettes

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