Meaning of ROTARY in English

I. ˈrōd.ərē, -ōtə-, -əri sometimes -ōˌter- adjective

Etymology: Medieval Latin rotarius, from Latin rota wheel + -arius -ary — more at roll


a. : of, relating to, or resembling a wheel turning on its axis

rotary blades

b. : resembling the motion of a rotating body

rotary motion

rotary movement

— compare rotational , rotatory

2. : having an important part that turns on an axis

rotary cutter

3. : characterized by rotation of persons

employment … under a rotary hiring system — Stanley Levey

4. : produced by or used in a rotary press

rotary gravure

rotary printing

rotary plates

II. noun

( -es )

1. : a rotary machine: as

a. : rotary press

b. : a rig for drilling a well by the rotary method

c. : a drill-pipe turntable and the mechanical assembly for supporting and rotating it

d. or rotary converter : synchronous converter

2. also rotary intersection : a road junction formed around a central more or less circular plot about which traffic moves in one direction only — called also circle, traffic circle

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