Meaning of ROTATION in English


I. rōˈtāshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin rotation-, rotatio, from rotatus (past participle of rotare to rotate) + -ion-, -io -ion


a. : the act of turning about an axis or a center

the rotation of a shaft

the rotation of the earth about the sun

body rotation in slalom skiing

— see dextrorotation , levorotation , specific rotation ; compare optical rotation , polarization , revolution

b. : one complete turn : the angular displacement required to return a rotating body or figure to its original orientation — called also revolution


a. : return or succession in a series

the rotation of the seasons

retired by rotation

b. : the action of placing in succession in a series

the resolution provided for rotation of the chairmanship — Vera M. Dean

3. : the growing of different crops in succession on one field usually in regular sequence

4. : the turning of a limb or other body part about its long axis as if on a pivot

rotation of the head to look over the shoulder

5. : the time required or estimated to be required to bring timber crops to a specified state of maturity

6. : the direction in which the turn to deal, bid, and play passes from player to player in a card game

7. : the exchange of individuals or units with personnel more comfortably situated

was due for rotation back home soon — Marcus Duffield

8. also rotation pool : fifteen-ball pool in which the object balls are played upon in numerical order

II. noun

: the series of pitchers on a baseball team who regularly start successive games in turn

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