Meaning of 'S in English


I. like -ʸs verb

Etymology: contraction of is, has, does

1. : is I

she s here

2. : has

he' s seen them

3. : does

what' s he want?

what' s it mean?

II. s pronoun

Etymology: by contraction

: us — used with let

let' s

III. like -ʸs adjective

Etymology: by contraction

archaic : his

I cut off 's head — Shakespeare

IV. before a vowel sound: z; before a consonant sound that can follow word-initial s in English: s; before a vȯiced consonant that does not follow word-initial s: z or (with alteration of the vȯiced to the corresponding vȯiceless consonant) s noun

Etymology: contraction of God's, gen. of God

: God's — often used in mild oaths

's blood

' s death

V. z conjunction

Etymology: by contraction

dialect : as

so' s you can come

VI. verb

or 'se also s' s

Etymology: contraction of sall

dialect Britain : shall

I' se repeat each poor man's prayer — Robert Burns

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