Meaning of SEGMENTAL in English


(ˈ)seg|ment ə l adjective

Etymology: segment (I) + -al


a. : of, relating to, or having the form of the segment or sector of a circle

removable segmental bushings extend across the entire width of the chain — Modern Industry

segmental sewer blocks

segmental fanlight

segmental pediment

b. of an arch

(1) : centered below the springing and having an intrados which forms the segment of a circle

(2) : drawn from two centers below the springing and having a low pointed intrados


a. : of, relating to, or composed of the somites or metameres of a segmented animal ; specifically : repeated in successive segments of such an animal

b. : of or relating to the segmental organs

3. : of or relating to segmentation : individualized or isolated in organization or experience : subsidiary

a method of synthesis of segmental data whereby the facts of anthropology, psychology, physiology, biology … would be related — Quarterly Review of Biological

religion becomes a segmental experience of no greater value in integrating their lives — Ruth Cavan

many advertising campaigns, moreover, involve only segmental and not central responses — L.W.Doob

sets of relationships which … will prove to be discontinuous and segmental , spanning only part of the way — Oliver Garceau

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