Meaning of SKI in English


I. noun

also skee ˈskē sometimes chiefly Brit shē

( plural skis or ski also skies or skiis or skees or skee )

Etymology: Norwegian ski, from Old Norse skīth ski, stick of wood; akin to Old English scīd stick of wood, Old High German skīt stick of wood, Old English scēadan, scādan to divide, separate — more at shed


a. : one of a pair of narrow strips of wood, metal, or plastic of varying length and width and curving upward in front that are used especially for gliding over snow

b. : a piece of material similar to a ski used as a runner on a vehicle

2. : water ski

II. verb

also skee

( skied ; skied ; skiing ; skis )

intransitive verb

: to glide on skis in travel or as a sport

transitive verb

: to travel or pass over on skis

the trail … can only be skied when snow and weather conditions are favorable — American Guide Series: New Hampshire

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