Meaning of SKIMMER in English


I. ˈskimə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, alteration (influenced by -er ) of skymour, from skymen, skimmen to skim + -or, -our -or

1. : a utensil or implement used for skimming: as

a. : a flat perforated scoop or spoon used for skimming cooking liquids or lifting ripened cream from milk

b. : a broad-bladed jointer

c. : an implement to prevent dross or slag from running over with the molten metal from a ladle to a mold

d. : a device similar to a power shovel for skimming off the surface of the ground in grading

e. : a perforated shovel used in lifting salt out of an evaporating pan


a. : one that skims

the structure of the modern news story is suited to the skimmer — F.L.Mott

b. : one whose work is skimming (as dirt from the surface of a vat of oysters or slag from molten metal)

c. : a worker who sprinkles flux on molten magnesium to keep it from igniting when it is poured into molds

3. : any of several long-winged littoral marine birds of the genus Rynchops that are related to the terns, have the lower mandible compressed like a knife blade and much longer than the upper, fly rapidly along the surface of the water with the lower mandible immersed to skim out small marine animals


a. : water strider

b. : a dragonfly of the genus Libellula

5. : a usually straw flat-crowned hat with a wide straight brim


dialect Britain

variant of shimmer

III. noun

: a fitted sleeveless usually flaring sheathlike dress

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