Meaning of SLEEPER in English


I. ˈslēpə(r) noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English sleper, from slepen to sleep + -er

1. : one that sleeps: as

a. : one that is inclined to sleep a great deal

a great sleeper and fond of his bed — W.M.Thackeray

b. : one that is asleep

at such a distance from the sleeper that their low words could hardly disturb her — Anthony Trollope

2. : a strong piece of wood or other material used as a support: as


(1) : a horizontal beam placed on or near the ground to support a floor or superstructure

(2) : one of the heavy strips of wood that are set in or on a concrete floor base so that a wooden floor can be nailed down over the concrete base

b. : one of the knees that connect the transoms to the after timbers on a ship's quarter

c. archaic : the rafter of a roof valley

d. chiefly Britain : a railroad tie

e. : one of the longitudinal beams in a wooden bridge on which the transverse logs or planks are laid

3. : dormouse


a. : a fish of the family Eleotridae

b. : greenland shark


a. : a bet that is accidentally left standing on the layout of a gambling game

b. : a bet on a dead card in faro

6. : something (as a vehicle) that provides accommodation for sleeping: as

a. : sleeping car

b. : a truck with a sleeping compartment

7. : one that has no apparent importance and remains unnoticed for some time before becoming very important: as

a. : a racehorse that wins after a series of poor performances

b. : an article of merchandise having a value that is much greater than its recognized worth

c. : a book that sells well year after year without being advertised

d. : a movie whose box-office returns are out of proportion to the cost of its production and publicity and far exceed the expectations of the producers

e. : a piece of music that unexpectedly becomes a hit

f. : a provision, clause, or amendment inconspicuously introduced into legislation in the hope that it will be adopted without consideration before its actual intent or force is recognized by potential opponents

g. : a security apparently overlooked by investors and therefore selling too low in relation to the market as a whole

8. : a calf that has been earmarked but not branded


a. : ruddy duck

b. : dowitcher

10. : a sleeping garment especially for children: as

a. : pajamas often with feet

b. : a sleeping bag for babies

11. : an article of merchandise that sells slowly

his unerring sense of what to buy, rarely gets stuck with sleepers — E.O.Hauser

12. : a foal that is born comatose and usually dies within a few days of birth due to intrauterine septicemic infection with one of the organisms ( Shigella equirulis or S. equuli ) commonly associated with navel ill

13. : a bowling pin that cannot be seen easily because it is directly behind another pin

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

: to earmark (a calf) so as to give the appearance of having been branded

III. noun

1. chiefly Britain : a small usually gold earring or stud worn especially in a recently pierced ear to prevent the hole from closing

2. : mole herein

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