Meaning of SONAR in English


I. sōˈnär noun

( -s )

Etymology: Hindi sonār, from Sanskrit suvarṇakāra, from suvarṇa gold (from su- good + varṇa color) + -kāra worker (from kṛṇoti he makes); probably akin to Sanskrit vṛṇoti he covers, holds back — more at weir , karma

: a member of a Hindu artisan caste of goldsmiths and silversmiths

II. ˈsōˌnär, -nȧ(r noun

( -s )

Etymology: so und na vigation r anging

: an apparatus that detects the presence and location of a submerged object (as a submarine or underwater mine) by means of sonic and ultrasonic waves which are reflected back to it from the object — compare echo ranging , sound ranging

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