Meaning of STAG in English

I. ˈstag, -aag, -aig noun

( -s ; see sense 1 )

Etymology: Middle English stagge, from Old English stagga; akin to Old Norse andar steggi drake, Icelandic steggi drake, gander, tomcat, male fox, Swedish stagg, a kind of stiff grass, Old English stingan to sting — more at sting

1. or plural stag

a. : the adult male of the red deer ; specifically : one five years of age or older — compare hind

b. : the male of various other deer of the genus Cervus

c. : the male of various other large deer (as the caribou)

2. chiefly Scotland : a young horse ; especially : a young unbroken stallion

3. : a male animal castrated after the secondary sex characteristics have developed to such a point as to give it the appearance of a mature male


a. : a young male domestic fowl:

(1) : a market fowl on which the spurs are developing and which is less tender than a fryer but still suitable for roasting

(2) : a young gamecock that has not passed through its first full molt

b. Britain : turkey-cock

5. Britain : informer 3

6. Britain : one who subscribes for shares of an announced issue of stock with the intention of selling at a profit as soon as possible


a. : a social gathering of men only

automobile trips and luncheons for the ladies, and banquets and a stag for the menfolks — Daily Plumbers Trade Journal

b. : a person who attends a social gathering (as a dance) unaccompanied by someone of the opposite sex

he joined the other stags watching the dancers

some of them come with their dates … but most of the girls are stags — Accent

II. verb

( stagged ; stagged ; stagging ; stags )

transitive verb

1. Britain : to keep an eye on : spy on

2. : to cut down : shorten ; specifically : to cut off (trousers) at the knees or just above the boot tops

mackinaws and waist overalls, stagged at the boot tops — American Guide Series: Washington

intransitive verb

1. Britain : to turn informer

2. Britain : to speculate in stocks as a stag

3. : to attend a social function (as a dinner or dance) without a companion of the opposite sex : go stag

had planned to stag at the class dance — William Du Bois

III. adjective


a. : restricted to men : for men only

a stag dinner

a stag party

b. : intended or suitable for a gathering of men only

a stag movie

2. : unaccompanied by someone of the opposite sex

three stag women in beautiful ermine coats — Speed Lamkin

IV. adverb

: as a stag

she had a cold, so he went along stag — Victoria Lincoln

many girls now prefer to dance stag at a cotillion — N.Y.Sun

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