Meaning of STOMA in English


ˈstōmə noun

( plural stoma·ta -əd.ə sometimes ˈstäm- ; also stomas )

Etymology: New Latin, from Greek, mouth — more at stomach

1. : any of various small and simple openings or inlets (as an insect's spiracle) especially in a lower animal ; especially : one of the many minute openings among the cells of a serous membrane affording direct communication with the adjacent lymph channels


a. : one of the minute openings in the epidermis of leaves, stems, and other plant organs through which gaseous interchange between the atmosphere and the intercellular spaces within the leaf occurs ; usually : the opening together with its associated guard cells and accessory cells

b. : stomium 1

c. : a fungal ostiole

3. : an artificial permanent opening in the abdominal wall made in surgical procedures (as colostomy, cecostomy, ileostomy)

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