Meaning of STORAGE in English

-rij, -rēj noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: store (I) + -age


a. : space for storing

storage available at low rates

storage cabinet

storage room

b. : a place for storing

area, which was being used as a storage for war matériel — New York Times

granaries and other unheated crop storages — National Fire Codes

insulation requirements for fruit and vegetable storages — P.D.Close

the development of water storages in arid regions

c. : an amount stored ; especially : the total amount (as of water in a reservoir) that can be stored in a place

the dam … has a total storage of eight billion cubic feet of water — American Guide Series: Maine


a. : the act of storing or state of being stored

off-street storage of automobiles

underground storage of natural gas

lake, created primarily for upstream storage — American Guide Series: Nevada

meat packaged for storage

specifically : the safekeeping of goods in a warehouse or other depository

place goods in storage

— compare cold storage

b. : the price charged for keeping goods in a storehouse

to charge storage

c. : the holding and housing of goods from the time they are produced until their sale

3. : the production by means of electric energy of chemical reactions that when allowed to reverse themselves generate electricity again without serious loss — see storage cell

4. : memory 6

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