Meaning of STRUCTURAL in English

ˈstrəkchərəl, -ksh(ə)rəl adjective


a. : of or relating to structure or a structure : affecting structure : used in building structures : constructional

a structural error

structural clay

these metals have a structural stability that should insure long life for the furniture in which they are used — Betty Pepis

stands at the structural center of the story — Charles Lee

b. : of or relating to the load-bearing members or scheme of a building as opposed to the screening or ornamental elements

the structural details of a house consist of floor joists, rafters, wall and partition studs, supporting columns … foundations — Building, Estimating & Contracting

c. : involved in or caused by structure especially of the economy

modern structural unemployment

2. : of, relating to, or involving the physical makeup of a plant or animal body and especially its plan of organization

structural defects in the central nervous system — D.M.Hegsted & F.J.Stare

the true wing is a structural peculiarity of birds

3. : of, relating to, or resulting from the arrangement of rock bodies : resulting from the effects of folding or faulting of the earth's crust : tectonic

a structural plateau

a structural ridge

a structural valley


a. : of or relating to the social structure ; specifically : involving the arrangement of social status and stratification into a hierarchical class system

b. : stressing social structure and the interdependence of social institutions

the structural emphasis of social anthropologists

5. : concerned with or relating to structure rather than history or comparison

structural linguistics

: emphasizing the systematic relations of formal distinctions in a language

structural grammar

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