Meaning of SWEAR in English


I. ˈswe(ə)r, ˈswa(a)(ə)r, ˈsweə, ˈswa(a)ə verb

( swore ˈswō(ə)r, ˈswȯ(ə)r, ˈswōə, ˈswȯ(ə) ; or archaic sware pronounced like swear ; sworn ˈswȯ(ə)rn, ˈswȯ(ə)n ; swearing ; swears )

Etymology: Middle English sweren, from Old English swerian; akin to Old High German swerien, swerren to swear, Old Norse sverja to swear, svara to answer, Gothic swaran to swear, Oscan sverrunei (dative) speaker, and perhaps to Old English swearm swarm — more at swarm

transitive verb

1. : to utter or take solemnly (an oath)

the queen swears the oath at the high altar — Newsweek


a. : to solemnly declare or assert as true : affirm with an oath

swore Monday to the banking committee he didn't yet know why he was fired — Wall Street Journal

a sworn affidavit

b. : to make a solemn promise of : pledge sacredly

swore to uphold the Constitution

c. : to assert or promise emphatically or earnestly : asseverate

swears that such action will cause the meat to shrivel in the cooking — American Guide Series: North Carolina

swore to pay the money back soon


a. : to put to an oath : administer an oath to

swear the witness

swore him to secrecy

b. : to bind by a formal oath to the proper performance of a duty, function, or office especially in connection with the law

swore the jury

two years later he was sworn to the bar — Time

4. obsolete : to invoke the name of (a sacred being) in an oath

now by Apollo, King, thou swear'st thy gods in vain — Shakespeare

5. : to bring into a specified or implied state by swearing

swore himself into a fit of apoplexy

swore his life away

intransitive verb


a. : to make a solemn promise or statement of intention : vow

stay, sir, do not promise — do not swear — Robert Browning

b. : to utter a solemn declaration with an appeal to God or a god for the truth of what is stated : affirm solemnly by something regarded as sacred

2. : to give evidence or state under oath or to subscribe under the penalties of perjury

3. : to use profane, blasphemous, or obscene language : curse

not in the habit of swearing even in his thoughts — LeRoy Smith


affirm , asseverate , depose , testify : to swear is to give a solemn pledge, especially before a court, often with an appeal to God or by laying one's hand on the Bible

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States — U.S.Constitution

would have to make a statement and swear to it — Margaret Deland

To affirm is to state solemnly and with conviction, especially before a court although without reference to God or like gestures

must annually affirm his belief in a fundamentalist interpretation of the Scriptures — American Guide Series: Tennessee

the National Grange has again affirmed its conviction that the farmers' best hope for the future is in self-help — Christian Science Monitor

To asseverate is to affirm earnestly and emphatically

asseverating her innocence, and the innocence of her governess — Edith Sitwell

asseverated that he had there become a mighty horseman — Osbert Sitwell

To depose is to make a statement, as an affidavit or deposition, in writing or under oath

the witness deposed that she had seen the man fire the shot

the policeman called by the prosecutor's servant deposed to finding the prosecutor bruised and bleeding — Arthur Morrison

To testify is to give evidence, often on the witness stand or in a deposition and usually under oath or under penalties of perjury, or as if in such circumstances

the following June he testified in favor of a Congressional bill providing for military advice and assistance to China — Current Biography

he offered affidavits from various individuals, including his parish priest, testifying to his good character — John Warner

- swear at

- swear by

- swear for

- swear off

- swear the peace against

II. noun

( -s )

1. : oath

do you think I would stand here and say that swear and tell a story — Carson McCullers

2. : a swearword or a fit of swearing

finally the butler's suave voice … provoked a full-bodied swear — McClure's

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