Meaning of SYNODICAL in English

I. səˈnädə̇kəl, (ˈ)si|n- adjective

or syn·od·ic -dik

Etymology: Late Latin synodicus, from Late Greek & Greek; Late Greek synodikos of a synod, from Greek, of a meeting, of a conjunction, from synodos + -ikos -ic, -ical

1. : synodal

2. : relating to conjunction ; especially : relating to the period between two successive conjunctions of the same celestial bodies (as the moon and the sun)

• syn·od·i·cal·ly -də̇k(ə)lē adverb

II. noun

( -s )

Usage: usually capitalized

: a women's auxiliary organization associated with a synod and composed of delegates from the presbyterials within its bounds

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