Meaning of SYNOPTIC in English


I. -ptik, -ptēk adjective

also syn·op·ti·cal p-tə̇kəl, -ptēk-

Etymology: Greek synoptikos, from synoptos (verbal of synopsesthai ) + -ikos -ic, -ical

1. : affording a general view of a whole

synoptic presentation of a physical theory

2. : manifesting or characterized by comprehensiveness or breadth of view

synoptic genius of Shakespeare


a. : affording, presenting, or taking the same or common view

b. often capitalized : of or relating to the first three Gospels of the New Testament as being distinguished from the fourth by their many agreements in subject, order, and language

the synoptic Gospels

synoptic sayings

4. : relating to or displaying atmospheric and weather conditions as they exist simultaneously over a broad area

synoptic study of polar air masses

synoptic chart

• syn·op·ti·cal·ly -ptə̇k(ə)lē, -ptēk-, -li adverb

II. noun

( -s )

Usage: often capitalized

: any of the synoptic Gospels

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