Meaning of TAMPER in English


I. tam·per ˈtampə(r), -aam-, -aim- verb

( tampered ; tampered ; tampering -p(ə)riŋ ; tampers )

Etymology: probably from Middle French temprer to mix, meddle, blend, temper — more at temper

intransitive verb

1. : to deal secretly : carry on underhand or improper negotiations : bring improper influence to bear (as by bribery or intimidation) — used with with

charged that the defense attorney had tampered with the witnesses


a. : to interfere so as to weaken or change for the worse — used with with

as old customers themselves, they would not tamper with the place's traditions or staff — Newsweek

could not easily tamper with the privileges of the nobility — D.W.Brogan

b. : to busy oneself rashly : try foolish or dangerous experiments — used with with

is far from innocent in her own tampering with his sensibilities — James Gray

3. archaic : to work secretly for some end : plot , scheme

transitive verb

: to alter for an improper purpose or in an improper way

here, perhaps, is the most objectionable aspect of … tampering the texts: his bland presumption — Richard Hanser

Synonyms: see meddle

II. tamp·er noun

( -s )

Etymology: tamp (I) + -er

: one that tamps: as

a. : one that prepares for blasting by filling the hole in which the charge has been placed

b. : a round wooden stick or metal bar used to pack tamping in a drill hole

c. : a tool or machine for compacting concrete by tamping

d. : a mass of material used to delay a nuclear reaction and prevent the escape of neutrons

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