Meaning of TELESCOPIC in English


|telə|skäpik, -pēk adjective

also tel·e·scop·i·cal -pə̇kəl, -pēk-

Etymology: telescope (I) + -ic, -ical


a. : of or relating to a telescope

the telescopic tube

: performed by a telescope

a telescopic observation

b. : suitable for magnifying distant objects : used in a telescope

a telescopic lens

2. : seen or discoverable only by a telescope

telescopic stars

3. : able to discern objects at a distance : farseeing , far-reaching

a telescopic eye

telescopic vision

a historian with a telescopic view of the vagaries of man throughout civilization — Harper's

4. : having the power of movement (as extension) by joints sliding one within another like the tube of a hand telescope

telescopic shock absorbers

a telescopic vertical antenna

a telescopic landing gear

especially : constructed of concentric tubes or other parts that fit one within another

a telescopic drinking cup

a telescopic box

• tel·e·scop·i·cal·ly -pə̇k(ə)lē, -pēk-, -li adverb

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