Meaning of TEMPERED in English


|tempə(r)d adjective

Etymology: Middle English tempred, tempered, from past participle of tempren, temperen to temper — more at temper


a. : having the elements or qualities mixed in proper or satisfying proportions : temperate

this finely tempered air — G.B.Shaw

has a wonderfully tempered mind — H.J.Laski

b. : qualified, lessened, or diluted by the mixture or influence of an additional ingredient : moderated

a pale gleam of tempered sunlight fell through the leaves — W.H.Hudson †1922

plea … for a guided and tempered experimentalism — P.H.Douglas

2. : treated by tempering : brought to the desired state (as of hardness, flexibility, or resiliency)

tempered steel

tempered glass

3. : having a specified temper — used in combination

bad- tempered

ill- tempered

short- tempered

even- tempered

4. : conformed to especially equal temperament — used of a musical interval, intonation, semitone, or scale

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